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Flambeynn Interior Design is owned by Malinda Lambe, a professionally qualified Interior Designer who has seen her long-term passion, creative talents and natural flair develop into a successful business servicing the North-East region; including counties Monaghan, Cavan, Louth, Armagh, Tyrone, Fermanagh and beyond.   She has extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of Interior Design Consultancy and Project Management and offers a variety of packages to suit all home owners and budgets – from advice & guidance on single room make-overs right through to the design & decoration of a complete home or business.

Change is difficult and different levels of decorating are available - we can incorporate what you have and give you an exciting new look, or we can start from scratch and help you build your dream!




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Our services

At Flambeynn Interior Design, we believe your home should be an escape, where everything around you tells your story so that you do not have to say a word.  We look forward to getting to know you and helping you find happiness and comfort in a style that defines who you are and how you live. The unique and personable process we go through to truly capture and understand who you are is what sets us apart from the rest. 

Below is a selection of the services we offer - however we understand that all client’s needs are different and each of these services can be tailored to suit your individual needs!

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"On the Spot" Consultations &
Home Visits

This is an opportunity to have a qualified interior designer on-site/in your home to offer professional 'on-the-spot' advice regarding your decorating project.  During this visit, we will address your queries and concerns regarding those aspects of decorating such as styles/colour schemes/fabric & sofa choices along with advice and direction on choosing those more expensive items such as flooring, worktop choices, bathroom fixtures & fittings etc. and so much more.  

Our designer will offer an expert opinion on many of the difficult elements of your project and help get your decorating plan in place – professional advice received at this early planning stage will help direct your choices and decisions, thus eliminating any costly delays/errors and will help ensure that the desired look is achieved.

So, if you are struggling to put a decorating plan in place or simply don't know where to begin, why not book a consultation and let our designer help get your started!!

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Detailed Written Design Briefs


This option offers the opportunity to have a two-hour consultation with a qualified interior designer on-site/in your home offering professional advice regarding your up-coming decorating project.  Included also is a detailed written brief, prepared by the designer after the consultation. 

The brief will cover a complete design plan specific to your home, offering advice and direction on elements such as walls, floors & ceilings, colour schemes and paint finishes, lighting choices, furniture options, window dressings & soft furnishings all the way through to those all-important finishing touches.  Furnished with this bespoke tailored plan, the client can then confidently carry out their remodeling/decorating project by following the proper process and simply referring to the advice, images and recommendations provided.

If you feel that this design plan is exactly what you need, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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Project Management

With this option, a qualified interior designer will discuss your decorating dreams and goals, develop an efficient and cost-effective design plan and provide the necessary trades to carry out all the different elements involved in bringing these plans to reality.   

We have compiled a team of talented and passionate individuals, who together work to ensure successful projects and happy clients. This highly-skilled team brings extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of interior decorating such as carpentry, plumbing, electrics, painting & wallpapering – importantly delivering their services exactly when required, therefore eliminating all unnecessary hold-ups/delays and ensuring on-time completion within the designated budget.

If you would like to discuss this option in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!


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Special New-Build Advice Consultation


This is an exciting new package that has been added to the list of services in response to a rising demand for advice from clients building their own homes.  This package offers those building new houses two separate ‘on-the-spot’ consultations at the most critical stages of their project – just before the electricians deliver the first-fix electrics (ahead of the plastering taking place) and later when the plastering is complete and certainty is required regarding the interior fixtures and finishes that come flooding in from the different trades and workmen on site. 

It is at this stage that costly mistakes are made and clients can become disillusioned and overwhelmed.  Advice received from an experienced and knowledgeable interior designer/spatial planner at these critical stages of the project, is guaranteed to save time and money by ensuring that sufficient focus and research is given to important choices regarding interior finishes such as carpentry, flooring, kitchen & bathroom design, furniture choices, window dressings and colour schemes.

This offer also includes any relevant follow-up information addressing the client’s queries and concerns that may need further research after each of the consultations have taken place.

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"Giving your home the star treatment"

Portfolio of Work

kitchen dining room design monaghan ireland
Kitchen/Dining Rooms view portfolio

The kitchen is the heart of the home - it fuels the bodies, minds and souls of friends and families and is the one certain room where memories are made. Some say that while life may be created in the bedroom, it is certainly lived in the kitchen!

living room interior design cavan monaghan
Living Rooms view portfolio

Whether it's elegant & classic, modern & edgy, chic & sophisticated, traditional & homely or an eclectic combination of many of these styles - living rooms should portray the personality and lifestyle of those living in them!

bathroom interior design cavan monaghan ireland
Bathrooms/Ensuites view portfolio

Although it may be one of the smallest rooms in a house, the bathroom is a highly labour-intensive area to renovate -  the sheer compactness presents challenges.  However, when carefully planned, with fixtures & fittings on site at the start of the project, the benefits of an attractive, streamlined and easily cleaned bathroom are endless!

bedroom interior design cavan monaghan ireland
Bedroom design view portfolio

Any sleep enthusiast will agree that the bedroom is pretty high up on the list of most important rooms in the house. There’s even scientific proof that a dreamy, well-designed bedroom can contribute to a good night’s sleep. The most important thing when decorating this room is to capture a mood of tranquility and relaxation to ensure that the bedroom is a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

entrance hall interior design cavan monaghan ireland
Entrance Halls view portfolio

The entrance hall is the introduction to your home - it's where your story begins!! Therefore, it is important to make the best possible impression, ensuring that the area is warm and inviting, while presenting guests with the character, ambience and personality that is found in the remainder of the home.





“From the moment I spoke with Malinda and especially after she came and did the initial consultation, she was able to interpret our ideas quickly and produced a wonderful design brief, allowing us to keep much of the existing furniture and update our sitting room with a new and more glamorous colour scheme. She is such an expert on curtains and fabrics and I can honestly say that the difference these make in a room is incredible. We are totally delighted with the finished look".


Teresa Donnelly, Cavan


"We recently needed help and advice on the layout and decoration of our kitchen/dining room with a large conservatory and we found Malinda’s service invaluable. She has a natural flair for design and seems to have and instinct for how to make a space work best not only in a practical way (which we loved) but also so that it looks stunning. She has a great eye for colour and texture and comes up with fresh new ideas and approaches to making a room look really special. Our finished room is stunning and much better than we had even dared to hope. Thanks Malinda, we are so glad we googled your website that day!"


Ger Duffy, Carrickmacross


"After our daughter got engaged, we decided it was high time that we updated our house and I contacted Flambeynn Interior Design. From the first meeting, we knew we'd found the perfect person to deliver the results we were looking for. Malinda immediately understood the type of look we wanted and produced a written brief that was perfect. She project-managed the entire work from start to finish and co-ordinated all the trades needed - which is something I would recommend as this saved us such hassle and ensured that they all carried out their work on time. The results are amazing - we can't believe the difference it made and we now have a new found pride in our home. Visitors calling to the house over the days of the wedding were completely blown away by the change. Thank you Malinda - we enjoyed the whole experience and cannot recommend you highly enough."


Sarah Mc Cormick, Cootehill